adrien merigeau


2nd of november


23rd of october

jennifer and alabaster will be playing on monday morning/dawn/6AM
in fumbally café in dublin


22nd of august

teaming up with lecool and darklight festival, and conor finnegan and kris kelly, there will be screenings and a bit of talking about animation and such, in The Factory, dublin, on sunday the 26th of august.

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27th july

some new drawings from the sketchpad


21st june

writing down a few things i will remind myself to tell alan holly soon:

I made this picture one late and fuzzy night and thought he'd enjoy it
regardless the somewhat trendy side of it

i was looking at a few of henri matisse's gorgeous paintings when i saw a quote of his:
"if my story were ever to be written truthfully from start to finish, it would amaze everyone"
and i thought that was quite nice.

i read an article today which ended with the sentence "i saw she was blind"
and it felt like one of those lovely contradictions that alan points out sometimes, like when people talk about beautiful colours in a black and white film.

i received an email in german (as perhaps alan did also) which got automatically translated in english. the badly translated email did something nice at the end, right before the signature, it went something like this:

please let us know.

and then,


the "and then" bit made me think of something alan would do.
not that alan is a bad german/english translation tool
but he'd write something that sounds nice like this, that somehow makes sense.


and then,



6th june

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